“Edvard Sasun, the real genius in Neo-Classcial Style of painture”
Stanislav Aidinyan,
Art Historian & Critic
Vice President of Creative Union of Professional Artists, Russia

  Edvard Sasun Edvard Sasun is one of the few remaining genuine master artists in the world today. In his works of art, Edvard Sasun is represented to the public as a follower of the 20th century European and Russian realistic school traditions. This is a rare and unique opportunity to purchase such a Fine Art Collection of this calibre & diversity, by a living artist whose lineage is steeped in history and traditionally of the old school. It is unusual for an artist to be so proficient in all genres and for a collection that also exhibits works from many parts of the world. He has been acclaimed by critics worldwide and we feel that this collection is a piece of history in the making. Edvard Sasun is fast becoming an extinct breed.

Mark Woodroffe
"Having spent most of my life going through the mundane necessities of survival with my formative years, dedicated to work and business, one seemingly unremarkable day an event changed my life forever. I happened to be in a friends' gallery in Bangkok as they unpacked the contents of a parcel, newly arrived from Armenia, containing the works of the, then unknown to me, artist Edvard Sasun. There before my eyes they unravelled "Silence". I had never been that close to the work of a genius and I was convinced that I was looking at a true masterpiece. From that day forward I have been in awe of the works of Edvard and found he had awakened my latent love of classical art and for that I will always be grateful. Thank you Edvard. "
Mark Woodroffe Patron, The Woodroffe Sasun Collection
Edvard Sasun has reached original technical solutions and an absolute 
mastery of performance. The professionalism of the artist is reflected in his 
portraits that have brought him the fame of a master of psychological portraits
Ani AvagyanArt Critic

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